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We develop residential properties with care. Seeing more than just numbers. Slide CALEDON, ON Designer: Martina Skuce LUXURY TOWNHOUSE HAMILTON RESIDENCE THE VILLAGE GREEN Designer: Simon Cortega Designer: Simon Cortega Designer: Diana Silva Years of experience and our catalogue of more than 900 Properties traded speak for themselves. IN CAPITAL UNDER MANAGEMENT Sagen represents the sum of greater parts – we nurture the passion and the know-how in the property trade. PROPERTIES TRADED Slide Property specialists with a vision. We recognize possibility that is invisible to others. PROPERTIES TRANSACTION A clean-cut show of future prospects a single space potentially holds for its next owners. OF ALL TRADE PRODUCING A NET PROFIT Slide To us, customer satisfaction, comes first. Please contact us to schedule a presentation. ADDRESS CONTACT SOCIAL 184 Main Collin Street, 1054 Mc Amsterdam +31 (0)20 -770- 06 -32 [email protected] SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Nearest parking: Schinkelhavenkade